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Dragon Skeleton Chalice - Cup -
Dragon Skeleton Chalice - Cup -
Dragon Skeleton Chalice - Cup -

Dragon Skeleton Chalice

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Dragon Skeleton Chalice

Skulls of the Targaryen Dragons History:

After the fall of House Targaryen, King Robert I Baratheon replaced the dragon skulls with banners and tapestries. The skulls were stored in a dank cellar in the Red Keep where they remain.

There are nineteen skulls of various sizes. Some of the skulls have been identified but the identity of most of the dragon skulls are unknown. It is possible that some of the dragon skulls may have been brought to Westeros by the Targaryens when they fled Valyria prior to the Doom. George R. R. Martin has said that there were once dragons all over, so it is possible some skulls could have originated from Westeros. Read more at:



This chalice is lined with a vacuum sealed stainless steal interior. The durable stainless steel allows for worry free drinking as it prevents condensation from building on its exterior. The vacuum technology allows your hot drinks to stay hot without burning your hands, and your cold drinks to stay cold without leaving a mark.
In tribute to the days of old, the chalice is fit for any King, Queen, Knight, or Nobleman. It Features a beautifully detailed dragon skeleton. The Chalice holds 7oz/200ml.
Material: Resin, Stainless Steel
Size: 20*8cm
Capacity: About 200ml


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