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History's Vikings - Lagertha Shield Leather Bracelet - Jewelry -

History's Vikings - Lagertha Shield Leather Bracelet

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History's Vikings - Lagertha Shield Leather Bracelet

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Lagertha (also spelt Lathgertha or Ladgerda) is a legendary Viking shieldmaiden known from Saxo Grammaticus' early 13th-century CE Gesta Danorum. In this work, written in Latin and concerning Danish history, she is the first wife of Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Viking king said to have lived during the 9th century CE. Contrasting with the prominent role Lagertha plays in the ongoing Vikings TV series, where she is portrayed by Katheryn Winnick, the Gesta Danorum is the only historical source that even mentions her and ties her in with the more broadly-known Ragnar mythos, making her more of a footnote within his legend rather than a core element. She makes for a bold footnote, though, and an interesting character in her own right; brave and skilled, she is twice responsible for ensuring victory for Ragnar in Battle Although classical concepts of Amazons underlie Saxo’s warrior women, his stories are rooted in the Old Norse traditions known from medieval Icelandic literature. Specifically, Lagertha herself may have been inspired by the Norse goddess Thorgerd, local to Hálogaland, Norway. Read more at




Show your Lagertha support with this beautifully crafted vintage style leather bracelet featuring her infamous shield design! 

Chain Type: Link Chain
Metals Type: Tin Alloy
Clasp Type: Lobster
Material: Glass
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