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Edgar Allan Poe - Large Oil Painting - Wall Art - Decor -
Edgar Allan Poe - Large Oil Painting - Wall Art - Decor -
Edgar Allan Poe - Large Oil Painting - Wall Art - Decor -

Edgar Allan Poe - Large Oil Painting - Wall Art

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Edgar Allan Poe - Large Oil Painting - Wall Art


Did You Know?...

Edgar Allan Poe Was The Original Balloon Boy

You probably remember 2009’s infamous “Balloon Boy” hoax. Turns out the Heene family that perpetrated that fraud weren’t even being entirely original in their attempt at attention-grabbing. They were actually cribbing from Poe.

No balloonist had ever crossed the Atlantic before, so this story quickly became a huge deal. Complete transatlantic travel in just three days? How exciting! Readers actually queued up outside the Sun’s headquarters to get their mitts on a copy of the day’s historic paper.

Poe’s report on the balloon was chock full of technical details. He devoted a whole paragraph to explaining how the balloon was filled with coal gas rather than “the more expensive and inconvenient hydrogen.” He listed the balloon’s equipment, which included “cordage, barometers, telescopes, barrels containing provision for a fortnight, water-casks, cloaks, carpet-bags, and various other indispensable matters, including a coffee-warmer, contrived for warming coffee by means of slack-lime, so as to dispense altogether with fire, if it should be judged prudent to do so.” He also included hundreds of words of excerpts from the passengers’ journals.

The only catch to Poe’s story was that it was entirely fictitious. The Sun’s editors quickly wised up to Poe’s hoax, and two days later they posted an understated retraction that noted, “We are inclined to believe that the intelligence is erroneous.” Read more at


ABOUT THE "Edgar Allan Poe - Large Oil Painting - Wall Art" ON THE GEEK LEAK

This beautiful oil painting is done on a very durable and high quality canvas with nothing but the best paint. 

Displayed individually or added to a collection, this painting is sure to bring life and conversation to any home or office. 


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