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Native American Horse - Canvas Oil Painting - Art -
Native American Horse - Canvas Oil Painting - Art -
Native American Horse - Canvas Oil Painting - Art -
Native American Horse - Canvas Oil Painting - Art -
Native American Horse - Canvas Oil Painting - Art -
Native American Horse - Canvas Oil Painting - Art -

Native American Horse - Canvas Oil Painting

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Native American Horse - Canvas Oil Painting


Did you know?...

The history of the Native American Horse is a long and colorful one. It is generally agreed by historians that the Spanish brought the horse to the new world in the 1500s. These horses were a mixture of Barb, Arabian and Andalusian blood and were considered the best horses in the world at that time. The horse was indispensable to the conquest of Mexico by Cortez. Natives Americans of that era had never seen horses and to them the horse and rider team were a godlike being.

To try and keep this belief, it was illegal for some years for a Native American to ride a horse much less own one. However, in time, with the spread of the horse and the Spanish ranchos, the Native Americans did acquire this “Big Dog” or “God Dog” for their own. The acquisition of the horse completely changed the Plains People's way of life, transforming them from plodding pedestrians to nomadic hunters and warriors.

The horse brought about a culture totally dependant upon themselves. Before the coming of the horse, the Native American tribes had used dogs for carrying small portable shelters; after the horse arrived the portable shelters became large decorative tipis.

Hunting took on a different form also. Before the horse the primary way of hunting was to run a herd of game over a cliff. After the arrival of the horse the The Natives could hunt from horseback, choosing only the most desirable of targets for their prey.

Horse stealing between the tribes became the number one sport on the plains and was considered an honorable way for a young warrior to gain experience and fame. Horses meant wealth to the Plains tribes and were used extensively for barter and gifts.

Many religious ceremonies were based on the horse and its contribution to the life of the American Native. One of the most interesting was the horse medicine cult practiced by most Plains tribes. The Oglala Dakota tribe had an elaborate horse medicine cult which included a dance in imitation of horses. The Oglala used horse medicine to influence the outcome of horse races, to cure sick and wounded horses, to calm a fractious horse and to make broodmares have fine foals. Horse medicine men and women were among the most respected members of their tribes. Read more at

ABOUT THE "Native American Horse - Canvas Oil Painting" ON THE GEEK LEAK

These beautiful oil paintings are done on a very durable and high quality canvas with nothing but the best paint. Each horse is painted in stunning detail and captures the elegance and vigor of the majestic Native American Horse.

Individually or as a collection, these paintings are sure to bring life and conversation to any home or office. 


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Material: Canvas
Style: Modern
Medium: Oil Painting
Form: Single
Frame: No
Frame mode: Unframed
Support Base: Canvas
Shape: Vertical Rectangle
Subjects: Animal
Type: canvas oil painting