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Rick and Morty - "Pickle Rick" Lanyard

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Rick and Morty - "Pickle Rick" Lanyard

Why does Rick burp so much?

According to co-creator Justin Roiland (I would’ve loved to have heard Dan Harmon pontificate on this), Rick’s burping was a funny accident: 

In 2006, or something, I was recording the voices for this short The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti. I was having fun doing these really crappy Doc Brown and Marty McFly impressions. During the middle of a line a burp came out naturally. It was just so funny and gross. I was like, “Well, let’s see if I can do that again for a couple more lines.” Then, with Rick and Morty, Dan (Harmon, the show’s co-creator) was like, “Hey, Adult Swim wants to do a show, do you have any ideas?” I said, “Well, what about these two voices?” Right out of the gate, the burping was part of it. Read more at:


This lanyard features the super assassin, Pickle Rick! Wear your ID badge with style while giving a nod to this incredible show!

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