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Stranger Things Eleven and Demogorgon Key chain -  -
Stranger Things Eleven and Demogorgon Key chain -  -
Stranger Things Eleven and Demogorgon Key chain -  -
Stranger Things Eleven and Demogorgon Key chain -  -

Stranger Things Eleven and Demogorgon Key chain

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Stranger Things Eleven and Demogorgon Key chain

Did You Know...
In Dungeons and Dragons (Aka D&D) The Demogorgon is actually two beings fused into one.
"We are everyone. And we are no one. We are Demogorgon."


At first glance, the gigantic figure before you resembles a baboon of extraordinary size, with a pair of lengthy tentacles in place of each hand and protruding from the back of his midsection. Atop his form rests a pair of ferocious heads, each possessing unusually long, sabre-like canines. Brown fur is splotched with areas of sickly green scales, and each pair of eyes burn with a hatred that epitomizes the conflict and loathing between tanar’ri and obyrith.

The entity that is Demogorgon represents all things demonic: conflict, hatred (particular between tanar’ri and obyrith), and pure evil unrestrained by the bindings of order and procedure.

Demogorgon is actually two beings fused into one, each making up one of his two heads. The left head is Aameul, the tanar’ri that incited the rebellion against the Queen of Chaos and slew her with the assistance of Orcus and Fraz-Urb’luu. The second is Hethrediah, an obyrith created from the Queen‘s body when it was absorbed into Aameul. Together, the pair create the half-tanar’ri, half-obyrith monstrosity that is known to all others as Demogorgon.

Given that he is now the Prince of Demons, Aameul’s beginnings were humble; eons ago during the reign of the Queen, he was a lowly mane and appeared to be nothing destined for greatness. But behind the pathetic visage of his form lurked a sinister and malicious presence, cunning unusual for his kind. Realizing the potential that lay within absorbing the power of other demons, he began to cannibalize other manes, his power swelling with each of the similarly pathetic demons that he added to his bloated form. Read more at

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Dimensions: 4cm
Commodity Attribute: Peripherals
Condition: In-Stock Items
Size: S,<8cm
Theme: Movie & TV
Mfg Series Number: Model
Age Range: 12-15 Years,8-11 Years,> 3 years old,2-4 Years,5-7 Years,Grownups,13-24 Months
Scale: 1/60
Item Type: Vinyl Doll
Brand Name: gleeooy
Version Type: First Edition
Gender: Unisex
Model Number: Stranger Things Eleven Demogorgon
By Animation Source: Western Animiation
Puppets Type: Model
Completion Degree: Finished Goods
Remote Control: No
Material: PVC
Warning: away from fire
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