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Medieval Wolf Chalice - Cup -

Medieval Wolf Chalice

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Medieval Wolf Chalice


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Wolves were prevalent in England during the medieval era.  One of the earliest references to them is contained in a 6th century genealogy of the East Anglican founder of a dynasty called Wuffa, whose tribe was known as the Wuffings, or “wolf people”.  They were believed to have originated in Scandinavia.

Bones of wolves have been found in many excavations in England.  They show the wolves then were comparable in size to European wolves today.

Anglo-Saxon charters mention such things as “wolf pits.”  Wolves were known to have been in Berkshire, Derbyshire, Devonshire, Glamorganshire, Gloucestershire, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Norfolk, Oxfordshire and Somersetshire.  They also made their homes in the great forests of Riddlesdale in Northumberland, Blackburnshire and Bowland in Lancashire, Richmond in Yorkshire, Sherwood in Nottinghamshire and many others, some of which no longer exist.

The town of Woolpit in Suffolk, recorded in the Domesday Book as “Wolfpeta”, was named “Wlpit” in the 10th century and later changed to Wlfpeta, in Old English, wulf-pytt, means “pit for trapping wolves.” Read More At


This chalice is lined with a vacuum sealed stainless steal interior. The durable stainless steel allows for worry free drinking as it prevents condensation from building on its exterior. The vacuum technology allows your hot drinks stay hot without burning your hands, and your cold drinks stay cold without leaving a mark.
In tribute to the days of old, the chalice is fit for any King, Queen, Knight, or Nobleman. It Features a beautiful detailed wolf with medieval emblazonry. The Chalice holds 7oz/200ml.

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